Dallas Here we Come! #GFAFEXPO

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I am excited to announce we are coming back to Dallas next week for the GFAF Expo.  Are you 'all ready for the world of gluten free to hit the South?  Got to practice that Southern you 'all.  joking.  My sister lived in Dallas for over 15 years and still has that Southern girl charm.  If you met her I think it would surprise you to learn she lives in the MidWest.  

The expo is open both Saturday and Sunday, Sept 10th and 11th 10 - 4pm at the Dallas Market Hall.  The event if full of vendors just waiting to show you their new products and have you taste your way through the world of gluten free. We are among the few with a Brand NEW item just for our gluten free and allergy free family.

We will be releasing BYOC, Mom Certified Birthday Secrets for the 1st time on Saturday at the Dallas Expo.  Yes a book launch and an expo the same day! What could be more exciting. How about you can get BYOC, Mom Certified Birthday Secrets for FREE!  Yep - I said Free.

I have been leaking the details in video's over the past month.  You RSVP for a copy of BYOC, then print your coupon and bring it to the Dallas Expo.  Find us at booth 1005 in the Free From Section. When you present your coupon, you will be able to send yourself the link to download the BYOC eBook instantly!  Totally FREE just for coming to say hi.  Make sure you RSVP Here Now.  Even from your phone, just do it so you don't forget.

This book is more than recipes.

Take a peek and you will find planning guides, menus, themes, table-scapes, links for free downloads and pictures we like to call food porn!
You got this! I know your child will be excited and rave about their Birthday Party for months. And if your child is like my Franki, they will be making up reasons to have a party and inviting friends over without you knowing it first!


“Birthday parties and treats are a core aspect of childhood, but for many kids with food allergies (and their parents), these special occasions can be a source of fear. Tiffany Hinton of GF Mom Certified is here to take that fear away with BYOC: Mom Certified Birthday Secrets. Filled with delicious recipes, drool-worthy photos, and helpful resources, BYOC is a book you want in your collection. Whether you’re planning an allergy-friendly birthday party for you little one, or packing them a safe snack to take to a friend’s, you’re sure to make your kid glow with delight. And what could be better than that?”
-Kathleen Shannon | Soul Food Heals

“The GF Mom Certified BYOC book is an amazing gluten-free party planning resource! I was first diagnosed with celiac disease at age 13 so I know how hard it is to throw a gluten-free party.
This book includes recipes, tips, guides, and awesome visuals to show what it takes to throw a fun gluten-free party with ease and a peace of mind.”
– Taylor Miller of GlutenAway
B.Y.O.C. is an amazing reference book for anyone throwing their first food-allergy friendly, vegan, 
or gluten-free party.

Tiffany’s recipes are simple enough for the typical “from the box” baker, but the taste and presentation of all her recipes are better than 
many gluten free bakeries! Vegan Vanilla Cake is perfection!”

-Angela L.

Order Now and Start Making your Kids Glow with Joy!

Coupon Time!
Come visit us at the @Gluten Free & Allergen Friendly Expo September 10-11 and try our amazing #glutenfree products. Get 20% off your tickets here:

to your favorite board for easy reference

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