It's Back! The Lash Project

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I am so excited to share The Lash Project is back!  Many of us have been missing our favorite mascara, including me.  I am super stoked and ready to be sporting big luscious lashes again.

What's the difference?  Here is the real deal from Andrea at Red Apple Lipstick

"There’s a real reason why our lashes fall out prematurely – and there’s something you can do about it.

Unfortunately, is has to do with your mascara, no matter if it’s from Nordstrom or Walgreens.  And it’s a vicious cycle because we need the mascara to make our lashes full and thick, but it’s the very thing harming our lashes! But we keep using it day after day, thinking our lashes are the problem and not the mascara…surely not! Wrong.

Commercially made, toxic chemical-based mascaras are clogging your follicle and sebaceous glands, and in order to expel the clog your follicle pushes the lash out.  Let me explain…

Each lash follicle is surrounded by sebaceous glands, located under the skin. When you apply mascara with toxic chemicals day after day (usually two or more coats for sure) those chemicals sink into your follicle and then into the sebaceous glands. When that follicle and those glands get clogged your body goes on overdrive trying to dump the source of the clog and irritation occurs. 

Sometimes this results in a stye which is an obvious indication that something is wrong.  However, most times a stye doesn’t develop because your follicle dumps the eyelash and tries to start over.  If you can picture how many different follicles you might have on just one eye, and that each one is going through this process it makes sense why you would be losing lots of lashes.

By using The Lash Project (a mascara + conditioner) which is free of those are infusing your lashes and follicles with conditioning ingredients that repairs past damage. You are taking the health of your lashes into your own hands, and strengthening them for years to come. "

The Lash Project is Back August 27th at 10 am!

Order Yours Too! And bring on those sexy lashes! 

Giveaway Time! 

Red Apple Lipstick is also giving me the honor of giving away a $50 gift card to one of our family. This is so cool!  You could win your own The Lash Project mascara! 

Register to win with the RaffleCopter - Good Luck! 

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