New Enjoy Life Baking Chocolate Snack Packs are HERE! Just in time for Halloween Spiders

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We were excited to see these new Enjoy Life Baking Chocolate Snack Packs releases this past week. These little packs of mini chocolate chips is what the girls look for first when we are coming back from an expo. As soon as I saw them I had ideas and was completely excited. Maybe even more than the girls. 

With Halloween coming up shortly the Snack Packs are going to make the perfect candy for our Trick or Treaters, as they are top 8 free and safe. Our Halloween season this year is kinda filled with bugs. Lillie is a spider witch and Franki is a moth, so of course we had to stick with our theme.  The projects below are simple to create and will make your little witches and princesses smile too!  

There is a coupon you can use when purchasing your Enjoy Life Snack Packs good till 10/21. Buy one and get one free, this is unlimited. Coupon code: SNACKFREELY

I used the coupon and purchased 6 bags of Snack Packs and got 6 free, trick or treaters we are ready for you! 

Project #1 - Spider Snack Pack Treats


1. Wrap the Enjoy Life Snack Pack in the tulle to create the body.
2. Twist pipe cleaner legs around the end of the tulle where you twisted it
3. Glue eyes on your spider

Project #2: Brownie Spiders



Bake brownies on a jelly roll pan and allow to cool

Cut out brownie circles

Frost with Royal Icing (recipe here)

Allow your little Goblins to add the pipe cleaner legs. Cut the pipe cleaners in half to shorten the legs. 

Allow to air dry for 4 hours then store in air tight container

Make sure to share these with your fellow #snackfreely fans! 

Hop over to the GF Mom Certified Instagram Page to win your own bag of Enjoy Life Foods Baking Chocolate Snack Packs - Look for the post and comment

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