San Diego GFAF Expo and MORE!

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First I want to let you know that I have so much to tell you and apologize if I ramble just a tad. Let's start with a few important things.
San Diego GFAF Expo is this weekend!

​Saturday 10 - 4 and Sunday 10 - 3 
You can still save 20% off (thru 2/10):
I will be teach the 5 Steps to Inflammation Healing at the Expo on Saturday at 12 noon. See you there.
Also Enjoy Life Foods is introducing a new experience at the expo too!
You can win a Family Game Night at the San Diego GFAF expo and others throughout the year. Enjoy Life Foods and I invite you to enter to win and share the excitement! Here’s how to experience Enjoy Life Land:
  1. Explore Enjoy Life Land at the GF & AF Expo in San Diego (or your favorite city)
  2. Find the Enjoy Life Land Tree, and share your gluten free and allergy friendly tips, tricks, or wish for your #JourneytoEnjoyLife
  3. Take a picture and share it on Twitter or Instagram using #JourneytoEnjoyLife
  4. Two lucky winners per expo will receive a family game night complete with Enjoy Life snacks
Finally, we will be giving a tour on Facebook LIVE this Saturday.
This just sounds fun.  Now where did my suitcase go?  I am ready for the sunshine and warmer weather for a few days.

Upcoming Events:
February 15 is our Free Monthly Education Online Class. We will be focusing on Vitamin D. Vitamin D3 [Why we need it, Where to get it and the Difference] February Education Webinar is scheduled for Feb 15th at 8pm CST - Register here Feel free to share this with someone you love.
April brings the Expo season into full swing. I will be at a live event every weekend and bring you fun and education from the stages too.
April 8 & 9 - Gluten Free and Vegan Twinkies Class at the GFFA Fest in Austin
April 15 - Salt Lake City I am headed your way to the Gluten Free World Expo event and teaching Gluten Free 101 for Kids
April 22 & 23 - Is the largest event in the Midwest. The GFAF Expo is in Chicago. Come learn how to cook gluten free and clean with me.
April 29 & 30 - I will meet you in Columbus at the GFFA Fest and we can share a winning Gluten Free and Vegan Twinkie together.
So, yes all those Twinkie pictures you keep see on Instagram and Facebook are real and I am giving the recipe away at the GFFA Fest events this year.  And making them on stage so you have all the tips and can make your own family feel like a kid again. 
I will get the event page update on our website very soon with all the details, you are the first to hear! If you have an event and want GF Mom Certified to be there please have the organizers reach out. 

Have a great day and I will see you shortly on the West Coast!

- Tiffany

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