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Valentine's BIG Announcement

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Show Your LOVE

Purchase our Brand New ‘LOVE YOUR GUTS’ Tank Top
and share your love for a healthy Gut with your world!

Share one with your BFF too!

Launch Price is ONLY $25.00

Save an additional 14% with the
Launch Valentine’s Day Special

[Limited Time Offer expires 2/15/17]

Yes, I Want One!

This new shirt design has been in my head for several months and truly speaks to my heart. I have found that in order to heal yourself and gain the life and body you love, YOU have to Love yourself first. You have to find time to put yourself first through out your day; as you prepare your food; to making time to exercise; and being mindful of Loving yourself. 
"Love Your Guts" has a double meaning. First and foremost it is proclaiming, you love your own guts enough to eat clean and change your lifestyle for a life and a body you want. Second, as a gift to the one you love letting her know you Love her Guts! Telling her she's a keeper and you love her all the way to the moon and back, and further. 
Wear the new Mom Certified designed tank all summer, to workout in, or even to bed. Make it a reminder that you do Love yourself enough to take care of YOU! 

Tell the World you Love Your Guts and a healthy gut is important to you!
Women's Blend Tank
by Bella
Sizes S – L (run on the smaller side)
One of our softest and most smooth tank-tops is a great choice for anybody looking for a lightweight shirt for the warmer months.

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