Bib Making with Instructions

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I love to make bibs for Franki, it is so easy and the embroidery machine makes it fun.  I have a Brother SE 400 which is very simple to use and there are several free pes designs online for download.

First pic out the fabric and cut the stabilizer to the size of your hoop.  Then iron the stabilizer to the wrong side of the fabric of the front of the bib.  I have learned to not cut out the bib until it is embroidered, much simpler to put in the hoop. 

Franki helping pick out some colors.

This is my sewing area, it over looks our back yard.  I love seeing the sun, which was my inspiration for these 4 bibs. 

Here is the machine at work on a fish. 

Dropping the design files to the machine. 

Here is the finished embroidery of one of the bibs.  I use the applique pattern for the ice cream cone, then the word 'summer'.  I think this one is so bright and cheerful.

Here is one suggested by Mom.  Turned out cute and could work for a boy too.

Next if you don't have a bib pattern, simply trace one of your favorites on to paper for a pattern.  I did this to save money on a pattern.  No point in paying for an outline of something you already own.  I use PLU on the inside because I don't like Franki's clothes getting wet.  Layer the PLU, back side of bib (right side up), then the front side of bib (upside down).  Pin on the pattern and cut out with 1/4 inch sew allowance. Use a few pins to secure.

Pin it together in preparation for sewing.

Stitch around the bib with a straight stitch.  Leaving a few inches un-sewed at the bottom of the bib for turning. 

Take the pins out and turn right side out.  I use a spatula handle to help turn the collar.  Cut your Velcro to 1 inch long.  Stitch the Velcro down with a straight stitch.  I put the loops on the left side top and hook on the right side bottom.  So they are able to fasten.

Top stitch all the way around with a zigzag stitch.  Make sure to fold the bottom opening in to secure closed. 

Franki tested and approved!

Here they are!

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love these summer time bibs

Where did you get your lettering??

@Kim Georgeson - the 'summer' lettering came with the applicate design file. search for 'SummertimeAttheBeach_Pes' on google the file does not have a company listed.