5 Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

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Are there still a few people on your list?  Not sure what to get them?  Did the Holidays creep up on you too fast?

NO WORRIES!  Here are some ideas that I love.  From pricey to inexpensive.  

Wine Bottle with Gift Card
I love this idea because you can customize the gift for the individual. Choose their favorite wine and store! Choose the amount of the gift card.  So easy to create with just a few supplies.  The idea is make the gift packaging scream look at me!  I choose to make this gift for a friend of mine.  We all know a women love shoes; right?  So a DSW gift card, bottle of wine with shoe on the label, and a shoe Christmas tree ornament; along with some ribbon. Make a cute envelope or package for the gift card.  I sewed my gift card inside vellum with red thread; string around the bottle with ribbon.  Add your themed ornament, a big bow and a lollie.  All Done!  So simple to create and this would be perfect for a man on your list too!  Maybe with a sports car ornament.
Custom Serving Gift
This is perfect for the couple or just the individual.  Grab some kitchen towels, bottle of wine, and a serving tray.  This tray is from Willow House.  Custom embroidery or appliqué the kitchen towels. Write a cute note and package it all up.  Again super simple and yet, so elegant!

Dog Gift
Perfect for the dog lover in your circle or just to give a dog.  Simply print off a set of seasonal bag toppers (you can grab these at Life-n-Reflection).  You will need a sampling of dog treats, bone, tennis balls,  dog bandana, and clear plastic bags (grab these in the baking aisle). Then label each bag topper and staple on the bag, once filled with treats.  Appliqué a dog paw print on the bandana and package it up.  This gift is low cost, but looks great!  All because of the way you package it up and make it look custom.  Remember the special time you take to wrap up your gifts makes a difference, so be creative!  

Baby Bib
We all know how I love to make bibs for my girls.  They are so simple and take like no time.  This is the perfect gift for the new mom, expecting mother, or a baby themselves.  Pick out some fabric and embellishments. Once you have the bid together you can appliqué, embroidery or simple add some ribbon.  A homemade bib really shows you care and took the time to create it especially for them.  

Holiday Candy
This is one of the least expensive gifts and everyone loves candy!  You can make a full batch and then divide into gifts for several people.  I would suggest peppermint patties or fudge.  Package in small 2x3 clear plastic bags and close with a seasonal bag topper (grab a set of bag topper from Life-n-Reflection).  These are great to have made up ahead of time, remember you can freeze candy.  Then when you are out this season take a few with you on your errands and give away. Your hairdresser, the mail lady at the post office or when you are picking up your dry cleaning.  Everyone loves a treat! And what better way to say 'Thank you' for all your help this year!

I'm sharing this! Share your own projects too!

Super Excited to share with you my first book! 

Let us take you with us from our kitchens to our craft table as we step through each project creating treasures to share!

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what a wealth ideas! Loving the wine bottle packaging

Kristy - The wine bottle is one of my favorites. The possiblities with this concept are endless. You could use a fancy bubble bath bottle, or fancy olive oil. Happy Gifting!

Waseem said...

this is just brilliant idea..i would like to use it when needed..i think a gift card put in Gift Card envelopes can also be used for any gift giving occasion.

Waseem - Thank you! Making the gift card envelopes are super simple and you are right any occasion is perfect.

Susie Buetow said...

Tiffany we love these ideas! Thanks for sharing them with us during our Housewarming Gift ideas week! You are in our Feature Friday post :) Have a super weekend! Susie @Bowdabra

Thank you Thank you Thank you!