Christmas Cookies - Gluten Free

9:00 AM Tiffany Hinton 1 Comments

My little baker

Christmas is almost here..YEAH!!! I love Christmas and the time we get to spend with family and friends. In preparation for the BIG day, my BFF who is also gluten free came over this week to make cookies. Super excited! Addy is the best when it comes to baking and cooking with; OK I admit we do more baking. She brings the wine and never leaves me with a mess to clean up. Love her. This past week we made 3 kinds of cookies to take with us to our Christmas parties and family meals.

Russian Tea Cakes Russian Tea Cakes - These turned out fantastic. Remember not to move them off the pan until they are completely cooled.  Here is the recipe.

Brownie Cookies - my husband loves these. Just think a brownie in bite size. These never last at our house. Grab the recipe here from Gluten Free on a Shoe String. Brownie Cookies

And the old favorite a classic Sugar Cookie. This is a no fail recipe. Grab it here from Land O Lakes. To make these dairy free just use Earth Balance. Sugar Cookie Cutouts 

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