Trick or Treat #GFAF Expo Style

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The Girls at the Expo!  We had so much fun.

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I am going to give you a view of what the girls loved at the expo.  If you bring your kids I suggest doing so either later in the day or really early on Sunday, so the crowds are not to large and the kids get a chance to interact too.  This also allows you to ensure the samples are safe for you child.

Ready? Here we go with our photo tour of the Chicago GFAF Expo

Our favorite pizza! Smart Flour

This is our favorite grocery store Fresh Thyme.  Can you find the tractor when you shop?  

Lillie's weekly dance sandwich.  Sunbutter we love you and VegetarianMamma & Keeley McGuire it was great to see you! 

Jewel was giving out card for free fruit cards!  Yeah for a free apple or banana, the girls were happy! 

We had to go back! 

Thank you Marc the girls loved there Massel Soups and the extra large soup cups!  They even enjoyed the bubbles. 

Have you tried Allie's GF Goodies from Long Island.  They are fast becoming my favorite. 

And you got a dairy free push up too! 

The girls got some loot!

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